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5 Benefits of Orthopedic Physiotherapy for Athletes

Benefits of Orthopedic Physiotherapy

5 Benefits of Orthopedic Physiotherapy for Athletes

Athletes are some of the most likely people to experience a debilitating injury. Active sports, whether they involve a lot of contacts or not, bring some inherent risks that no participant can avoid (for many people that’s half of the fun). But once an injury occurs, they are frustrating to work through. An injury requires patience to keep yourself from re-injury. Fortunately for all athletes, orthopedic physiotherapy offers a range of benefits to shorten your time on the sidelines and keep pain low. 

Benefits Of Orthopedic Physiotherapy

While you may be able to summarise the overall value of healing, orthopedic physiotherapy possesses many subtle benefits that contribute to overall wellness. Whether you’re at a Physiotherapy clinic in Leaside Toronto or whether it’s a Physiotherapy clinic in Dwarka, New Delhi the following are benefits worth mentioning.

Identifying Cause And Type Of Injury

Orthopedic physiotherapists will take the frustrating guesswork out of the injury-identifying process. This step is vital for a speedy and effective recovery. Physiotherapists will ensure they discover the exact trauma that caused the injury. Without knowing the exact cause and type of injury, athletes risk re-injury, and further injury. This is especially true if they implement their own forms of treatment. It’s always best to begin your recovery process knowing the most you can about your injury, a step your physiotherapist will complete. 


For example, you may tweak your knee and feel pain in the area. A physiotherapist will work through exactly what you were doing before the injury occurred and run manual tests to determine what structure in your knee was injured. Perhaps a tendon, a muscle, etc. From this point, healing can begin. 

Pain Reduction 

Injuries hurt. This pain quickly gets in the way of daily activities and especially the sports we love. It can then be tempting to rush recovery, hoping for the best while smiling through the pain. A physiotherapist, however, knows how to reduce pain during the recovery and restoration process. 

You get the benefit of killing two birds with one stone. Rushing or pushing through the pain will likely only lead to further injury. This is why it is so important to work with an orthopedic physiotherapist during all stages of recovery.

Pain will be at its worst soon after injury. Understandably, this makes it difficult to perform the mobility and strengthening exercises your physiotherapist may prescribe. At this stage, pain relief is prioritized to prepare your body for the next stages of recovery. With pain at a manageable level, recovery kicks into high gear. 

Orthopedic physiotherapy helps Improve Mobility 

One of the key elements of optimum athletic performance is mobility. The mobility of your muscles, joints, and overall movement can easily become damaged after an injury and right through recovery. It doesn’t have to stay that way. Orthopedic physiotherapists will help get complete mobility back in an injured area, ensuring that when you get back into your sport you’ll be able to perform as well as ever. Maybe even better!

This aspect is especially important in injuries involving ligaments, tendons, and muscles. A sprained ankle or dislocated shoulder may want to keep itself stiff to prevent further injury. Physiotherapists will gradually work the area back into its complete range of motion and prevent this from happening. 

Orthopedic physiotherapy helps Regain Balance 

Balance issues generally occur after an injury to the lower body, like a hip, knee, or ankle injury. Loss of balance can be frustrating to work through, especially for younger athletes who are completely unaccustomed to dealing with this issue. 

Working with a physiotherapist, you’ll be able to regain the sense of balance you once had. Balance is regained through strengthening and stretching exercises or by learning new, less painful ways to perform activities while healing. 

Balance treatments may include the help of crutches or splints to keep the injured area safe from any sudden weight and pressure. 

Learning how to regain balance is vital in preventing re-injury, as a fall can set back healing by weeks or even months. Orthopedic physiotherapists are ready to tackle this issue in a way that is safe, painless, and doable for their patients. 

Orthopedic Physiotherapy

Image source: Healthine.com

Restore Complete Function

The most impactful benefit of orthopedic physiotherapy for athletes is the restoration of their athletic abilities. Physiotherapists achieve this by creating custom recovery plans for each patient. They take into account specific goals and desires as they plan out the stages of recovery. 

Physiotherapists educate on injury prevention and ways to exercise, run, shoot hoops, etc. without risking pain or further injury down the line. There are countless times when surgery and other more drastic forms of treatment can be prevented through consistent, effective physiotherapy sessions to heal the condition. 

This includes the use of medications to manage pain since this also becomes unnecessary in most cases when a physiotherapist is working on reducing the pain being experienced.

Final thoughts

It happens so often when athletes sing eternal praise to their trainers for attaining new levels of physical fitness. Their physiotherapists, however, will often remain in the shadows as the unsung heroes of the athletic world. 

It isn’t until something is taken away that we truly appreciate it-and this goes especially for the use of any motor functions due to injury. Keep in mind that if the time comes that you are injured playing a sport you do have a modern-day miracle maker waiting in the shadows to make you whole again.

Dr. Roshan Jha worked with leading Hospitals of Delhi like Batra Hospital and BLK Super Speciality Hospital. Dr. Roshan Jha is an innovative, resourceful, and ever-evolving Physiotherapist who takes pride in his offerings to the patients. He is one of those rare physiotherapists who take a special interest in Orthopaedics, neuro patients, and Sports Rehabilitation.

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