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Latest Videos From Pain Free Physiotherapy Clinic

Patient Consultancy/ Feedback Videos

Patient With Tennis Elbow Consultation Session

Patient feedback post rotator cuff arthroscopy surgery

Patient Feedback for Knee Osteoarthritis Pain

Patient Feedback on Knee Osteoarthritis Pain Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy Treatment Videos

Dry Needling Tennis Elbow Physiotherapy

Cupping Therapy / Hijama Therapy

Ankle and Foot Adjustments

Frozen Shoulder Home Exercises

Postoperative physiotherapy Total Knee Replacement case

Shoulder Maitland’s mobilization for frozen shoulder

Knee mobilization to increase flexion

Commuted fracture distal humerus

Before and After Physiotherapy Videos

Post TKR 1st day assessment of knee flexion

After 1 month of Physiotherapy Post TKR assessment

Knee fracture case 1st day at clinic evaluation

Knee fracture case 20th-day evaluation of ROM

Day1 physio post-TKR Mrs. Santosh

Post TKR day 20 Mrs. Santosh

Commuted fracture distal humerus day 1

Commuted fractured elbow after 25th day of physiotherapy

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