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We Invite Health Care Professionals to Contribute to Our Blog.

The world has witnessed a great positive leap with Digital Presence and Technology to drive up businesses around the world. The giant online machinery and its wiring need a tremendous amount of content and this is where Pain Free Physiotherapy Clinic has intended to play a larger role in feeding the digital machinery that will give rise to new opinions, impactful and emerging Physiotherapy solutions.

Pain Free Physiotherapy has a major role to play in the even distribution of content based on lifestyle, Neurotherapy, women’s health, and yoga.

No matter whether you are an Amateur or an Experienced Writer, if you belong to the health industry, then we are ready to welcome your decisive and comprehensive articles that would fulfill the need for mutual growth while serving the digital health community.

“Write for Us” Is an Emphatic Opportunity

Over the years, we have built a long history of dedication, quality, and success with a network of customers and bloggers who contribute to our digital platform. Publications for the health and wellness industry were the foundation stone of Pain Free Physiotherapy.

And it is now your opportunity to connect to our network which consists of several health Experts, Bloggers, and Readers/Audiences. Still, thinking why an emphatic opportunity? Because not only do you get a chance to join our elite healthcare network but also the fact that your articles are published on our social media platforms. That means more audience to your articles.

If you are the one who can write impeccable articles on health and wellness, then this is the right platform. Our health and wellness-related articles serve many people around the world who require online information related to it.

Get Attention with Pain Free Physiotherapy Clinic

Pain Free Physiotherapy Clinic intends to provide opportunities to writers in a colossal way to build a broader relationship in the healthcare business community. This is where your Content or Guest Articles can play a vital role to contribute and grow with the community i.e. our network and the people who are suffering from various ailments.

Guidelines for Content Submission:

We are accepting mostly health-related articles with a word limit of 800-1200 words.

  1. Your content must be interesting and unique (Plagiarism-Free) with informative materials on Physiotherapy, Orthopedics, Neurotherapy, Electrotherapy, Manual Therapy, Women’s Health, Yoga, General Health, and Wellbeing, Diet and Food habits, Sports and Fitness, etc.
  2. You must avoid submitting articles with silly grammatical mistakes and typos. The tone should be friendly, and helpful in an active voice. You must also avoid bullying, abusive, and misleading statements.
  3. You must use high-resolution pictures from genuine sources. You can also add the source name as a Caption to the image. You must also change/create the Alt-Text for the image accordingly.
  4. You must add internal links and high-authority external links apart from your own links.
  5. You can leave a conclusion at the end of the article or give a relevant author’s note to process it smoothly on the line.

For Submissions of your articles or any other queries, please contact us at painfreebloggers@gmail.com

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