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Home Visit Physiotherapy

Home physiotherapyHome visit Physiotherapy

Pain Free Physiotherapy Clinic also provides mobile Physiotherapy service which caters to those who are housebound or those who find it extremely difficult to leave home to attend physiotherapy treatment.

This may be after recent joint surgery, parents with children, and people with injuries that prevent them from driving to appointments. This service also caters to those with busy lifestyles and also people who are unable to leave their workplace.

Pain Free Physiotherapy Clinic offers the following services:

  • Hands-on physiotherapy
  • Exercise prescription and rehabilitation
  • Chest Physiotherapy
  • Post Operation rehabilitation (especially knee and hip replacements, knee and shoulder reconstructions, and knee arthroscopy)
  • Sport injury recovery
  • Back injuries
  • Mobility enhancement
  • Women’s health (including incontinence and pregnancy)
  • Exercise programs for obesity

Benefits of Home-Visit Physiotherapy

The home-based physiotherapy is clearly more beneficial than clinic-based physiotherapy for the following reasons:

    • Better time management for clients : The physiotherapy session can be scheduled to avoid your office hours. Therefore you won’t have to struggle getting time off during office hours to rush to physiotherapy clinic. This will ensure you don’t have to face unhappiness from your superiors and colleagues for frequent disruption of your work.
    • Save the hassle of transportation : for those who have recently gone through surgery, or are disabled by sickness, it takes a lot of difficulty, resources and time just to reach physiotherapy clinic’s door. You will really appreciate when high quality physiotherapy sessions can be done at your own home.
    • Better focus in individual needs : The pitfall of any busy physiotherapy clinic is that the therapists may have to take care of a few clients at once. Furthermore as the clinic environment is not the same as client’s own home or work environment, the advice and strategies recommended may not be most appropriate. You don’t have to worry about that when you are taken care of by our physiotherapists. There will be guaranteed one-to-one focus and effective personalized care can be delivered at your own environment, so the physiotherapist fully understand your needs and will be able to recommend and deliver solutions that is most appropriate to you.
    • Reassurance of quality of physiotherapy services: Equipped with portable electronic treatment devices and exercise tools, and with rich clinical experience, our physiotherapists can deliver physiotherapy as effectively as when they treat their clients in the physiotherapy clinic.

Need a home visit Physiotherapy at home? Give us a call right now at 8800299652. We at Pain Free Physiotherapy have the best and highly experienced Physiotherapist who can help you with any kind of pain at the comfort of your home.

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