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Back Pain

What Causes a Back Pain

Disabled condition of body Healthy posture can give rise to strains and aches at various levels in the body. The Spine, specifically, is the most susceptible structure to these strains and aches compared to the rest of the body part.

It is supported by large muscles and certain core muscles to meet the stability and strength that can sustain long-hour work. But with modern equipment and gadgets, change in work style and lifestyle, the lower back, in particular, has become very prone to stains. If these stains are overlooked for a longer duration, degenerative changes set in at a very early age.

Most patients these days visiting the clinic for back pain complaints that they have undergone all sorts of treatment but never felt completely cured of the thing. One of the other postures troubles them. The level of participation in leisure activity has never returned to normal which kills their confidence and never makes them feel as fit as before.


Precautions for Back Pain

  • Play regularly to keep your spine young!!

A healthy disc and durable spine are obtained with regular participation in a sporting activity that involves multidirectional actions. Sports keep the muscles and other supporting structures flexible.

The repair of micro-tears and removal of waste and debris occur at a rapid speed. The nutritional status of tissues is optimal and degeneration occurs at a very slow pace. Keeping the core stabilizers active is also very important to have a healthy and fit back. Usually, these muscles are active in the sporting population.

One needs to work on core stabilizers by involving them in most of the day-to-day activities. For beginners these core exercises should first be practiced statically, then dynamic movements of the upper and lower limbs should be incorporated and finally practiced in household or workplace activities.

Say “NO” to “STRESS”


The outlook of a person towards problems and difficulties of life determines his ability to deal with day-to-day stress. Studies in past have associated back pain as one of the psychosomatic problems, with a great number of patients of depression complaining of back pain. Stress not well managed can severely affect one’s back and many times a mood upliftment through a change of place or work has helped many patients.

Climate, in small proportion though, also has its role to play. Severely cold places report a greater proportion of patients suffering from back pain because depression is reported in high numbers. Serotonin secreted in our brains also known as the “happy hormone” is not secreted or secreted in small quantities as a result of extreme cold, resulting in Depression.

Does our Diet have Enriched Nutrients for our Back?

A healthy diet as in every case of a diseased body works to restore the nutritional needs.  But the question is most people feel that they eat healthily, but, the sill is devoid of necessary nutrients in the body. The blood report shows deficient vitamin B12, vitamin D3, minerals, and micronutrient levels in large no. of patients.

One needs to figure out how to work on these factors. The answer to most of these deficiencies is changed in food habit under influence of marketing strategies, which threatened us if we don’t use their product we may kill our near and dear ones. We can assist you efficiently on how to modify your diet to meet the optimal requirements of your back.

Footwear!! Can be a Culprit for your Back Pain

Footwear that doesn’t provide adequate support, keep the foot aligned and absorb the shock (ground reaction force) properly while walking of weight-bearing activities can produce strain in the back in long run. The worst drawback of such footwear is that they slowly but gradually make biomechanical alterations in the foot which is difficult to restore. So it is important that we keep an eye on the quality of footwear to use and change it immediately when it starts to wear off.

What is a Good Posture? Can Bad Posture lead to Back Pain!!

Every physical activity performed in a sustained posture should be done in a way that puts minimal strain or load on the structure holding or sustaining that posture. So it implies to all activities right from the moment we wake up and go to brush early morning, driving for an hour or so to the office and back home, sitting on a chain in office and carrying out our daily work on the system or attending meetings.

Marketing and salespeople may have to drive more often for long hours or converting leads into prospects on long-duration calls sitting on a chair for hours.

All such activities need to be monitored and should be performed in the best possible posture with frequent breaks. The stress developed in muscles, ligaments, and joints of the spine should be neutralized with frequent stretches in the opposite direction. Visit our Postural Care segment under the exercise chart/ videos section for various postural guidelines.

Sciatica!! Is it related to back pain?

Sciatica (pins and needles feeling along with numbness) is a symptom that can occur in a number of conditions. Low back pain is one of them if a disc between two vertebra bulges backward mainly in the lower lumbar area. Any pain that radiates or travels to the knee can have various structures in the back involved which needs to be evaluated properly to diagnose the exact condition or ailment. If pain travels on the front of the thigh can result from nerve entrapment at the higher levels of lumbar vertebrae involving the femoral nerve. Meralgia Paresthetica is an entrapment condition involving the lateral cutaneous branch of the femoral nerve that causes a burning sensation on the outer aspect of the thigh.

Can I be prone to back pain since birth??

Several conditions of back right from sacralization to step deformity at the lower back (anterolisthesis), bony blocks (scoliosis) to fused vertebrae, and cervical rib to kyphosis are structure deformities that can severely affect a person and are mostly present since childhood. Some of these can also result from postural faults, muscular weakness, and deficient bone mineralization.

Old age and back problems !!

Demineralization in old Osteoporotic Women makes them prone to fracture post trivial trauma. These patients often complain of Iliac Bone Pain on sleeping to the sides. Degenerative changes in the lower back cause early morning stiffness and pain. Severely formed osteophytes along margins of vertebrae entrap the nerves and cause lumbar radiculopathy i.e. sciatica. These osteophytes may reduce the lumen of the central canal through which the spinal cord passes causing lumbar canal stenosis.

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