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Nursing Care

Assistive Care Service

Assistive Care Service (ACS) or Nursing Care is a Medicaid-based, arrangement that gives consideration to qualified beneficiaries who require an incorporated arrangement of administrations on a 24-hour-per-day premise.

ACS beneficiaries must exhibit functional weakening that makes it medicinally essential for them to live in a steady setting and get coordinated administrations, whether planned or unscheduled. ACS incorporates:

  • Help with exercises of everyday living (ADLs, for example, washing, strolling, toileting, and so forth.
  • Help with instrumental exercises of everyday living, for example, shopping or making a phone call.
  • Medicine organization and help with self-directed pharmaceuticals and
  • Wellbeing support watching the beneficiary’s condition of wellbeing and prosperity every day and reporting changes to the human services supplier as proper)

Day to Care: Personal Care

  • Keeping up Body Hygiene/Bathing
  • Changing Bed and Bedsheets
  • Maintaining a strategic distance from Skin and bed Sores
  • Guaranteeing Oral Hygiene
  • Pee Incontinence
  • Bowel Incontinence aptitudes,
    • Incontinence and Toileting
    • Assisting in toileting
    • Controlling stains and scent
    • Emptying the waste pack
    • A practical exhibit of activities –Arm/hand; Neck; Leg/lower leg; Trunk (in bed); Legs (in bed); Arms and legs (sitting); Resistance; Sitting parity

Nursing Care Helps with Activities of day by day living

Looking after somebody in bed:

  • Altering the position of Patient
  • Guaranteeing the right body mechanics while lifting
  • Proficient development from bed to seat

Assistive Devices:

  • Set up a List
  • Exhibit the aptitudes and utilization of the types of gear –
  • Walker (ii) Crutches (iii) Others (iv) Patient lift and washroom hardware (v) Walking aids, Guarding Walk
  • Counteracting falls and straining of the back
  • Assisting in wearing footwear

Everyday Care: Food and Nutrition

Learning – Nutrition and Hydration. The ways and intends to give solid nourishment is extremely basic and we guarantee the same.

Abilities :

  • Helping to eat
  • Managing timely medication

Everyday Care: Ailments and Medication

  • Fever, sickness, and spewing
  • Torment, weariness, anxiety
  • Uneasiness, daze, sorrow

Passionate difficulties: Mental wellbeing and guiding, taking care of troublesome conduct

  • Weariness, eagerness, uneasiness, incoherence
  • Discouragement, social and profound trouble
  • Dementia, passionate withdrawal
  • End of Life, last Days, when demise happens
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